Finding the Right PBM is Not Always That Simple



To the Big PBM, you're just a number. No one takes the time to listen to your exact needs, because they don't need you.


Medium PBM

The Medium PBM is the PBM for you! That is, until you realized that "just right" just isn't right anymore. Times are changing but they aren't.


Little PBM

The Little PBM needs your business, but they just can't provide you with what you need. Whether that's because they lack experience, technology or manpower.


The Right PBM

You need a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that takes all your complex problems and simplifies them. But when there are too many options, how do you find the right one for your needs?

Only AWPRx is big enough to handle your business and small enough to know your name. We can give you both personal attention and great technology that offers you the right amount of control over your medication program. All our services are tailored to perfectly meet your needs, in real time.

Four Ways AWPRx is Right for You

Our services are tailored specifically to your exact needs. No problem is too complex for AWPRx.

AWPRx controls the dispensing process for our clients including retail, mail, paper, and doctor dispensing. As your partner, we are in the unique position to control and reduce spend proactively, before things get out of control. With our revolutionary pricing models, Prior Authorization (PA) form, and MEqD Score indicator we are leaders in our industry.


01 Responsive


02 Agile


03 Hands On


04 Compassionate

Real people giving real solutions.