AWPRx is the simple solution. We have controlled the dispensing process for you, now we can do the same for the injured worker. What does this mean for your injured worker? Ease of use, no transfer to another provider, and significantly reduced drug spend.

AWPRx makes the transition as smooth as possible. We provide comprehensive support post settlement, including a customer service support team, so that your injured worker feels confident and comfortable managing their prescriptions in their new role as payer.


Same Card

No waiting and no work. They can just keep using the same prescription card they already have been. And this is just the beginning of how we can make their life easier.

Same Savings

At no additional cost, we continue to save them money on their prescriptions. They can access their medication history at any time.


Same Great Service

Our customer service team is available to answer questions about their drug program. They can export their medications into excel spreadsheets for Medicare reporting purposes.