Notify. Advise. Respond. Communicate.

The NARC program is a cloud-based predictive modeling database that triggers a review of prescribing patterns. Using NARC we alert everyone in the process based on customized parameters. AWPRx can then proactively provide physicians with detailed information for making improvements in opioid therapy. The result is a reduction of costs and improved outcomes for clients and their injured workers.


Step Therapy

Quite often a prescriber will start with the most expensive and not the safest drug therapy. Our process identifies those medications and attempts to have the prescriber step down to a more appropriate drug therapy. We recommend the selection of a single therapy at the beginning of a program and add therapies as the program matures with the client.


MEqD is an acronym that stands for the “Morphine Equivalent Dosage”. An injured workers’ MEqD Score is the equivalent dosage of Morphine that a claimant is taking daily based on their active known prescriptions. AWPRx’s ForceRx has developed an MEqD alert system to identify injured workers that could be at risk for addiction.