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Job Description:

The Billing and Collection Specialist supports revenue collection with two functions: Assuring timely billing of non-client payors (apportioned payors) and Professionally pursues payment of accounts that are unpaid for more than 30 days after billing.

Job Duties & Essential Functions: 

  • Billing and billing support:
  1. Prints and mails Apportionment Billing Invoices — AWPRx’s clients can have claims in jurisdictions where the law allows the claimant or another payer to have an ‘apportioned’ (allocated percentage) claim payment obligation.  In such situations, weekly, ‘paper bills’ are printed and sent to all identified responsible payors so that AWPRx can be paid for the portion belonging to these non-clients.
  2. Research Identifies and Updates apportioned billing information using the Apportionment Claims Missing Inv Info report
  3. For new clients receiving bills through customer community portal
    1. Conducts training with the contact so that the contact knows how to access the report
    2. Monitors ForceRx reports for clients that have not accessed their billing within the time set for that client.
      1. When ForceRx notifies that a billing file is not accessed, contacts the billing contact to identify if there is a problem accessing the bill in the customer community portal.
  • Collections:
  1. Non-Clients
    1. Using the AR Aging by Apportionment Payor report engages in an organized, disciplined and documented communication with any apportioned payor with outstanding accounts receivable greater than 30 days old.
    2. Documents any legal objections received from the apportioned payor (e.g. case is settled full and final).
      1. If for a particular Med (e.g. untimely review, retrospective review denial, ODG ‘N’ med without authorization), on the Billing Record for that Med
      2. If for a particular Claim (e.g. claim was settled full and final, non-established body part or condition) on the claim record for the claim
    3. On accounts greater than 90 days engages approved outside collection agents to pursue unpaid receipts
      1. <<<list of collection companies or attorneys for major jurisdictions>>>
  2. Clients
    1. When approved by account management, communicates with the Accounts Receivable Contact or A/R Escalation Contact as appropriate.

Job Qualifications:

  • Education: -High school diploma/GED required (College degree preferred)
  • Experience: 1+ years’ customer service (or similar) experience preferred but not required
  • Supervisory experience: N/A
  • Other competencies or skills
    • Proficiency with browser based system
    • Average typing proficiency (>40 WPM)
    • Demonstrable ability to overcome obstacles and get results while remaining highly professional
    • Superior communication and negotiation skills
  • Background Checks/Licensing Requirements: Background Check

Job Features

LocationCorporate Office
CompensationDepends on experience and qualifications
Type of employmentFull Time
FLSA statusNon-exempt

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